About Us

The idea of creating Albanian Canadian League - ACL was born by the  Great Necessity of Albanian-Canadians to have - One strong Voice, One Big Organization that would Help to Represent "The Interests of Albanian Canadian Community in Canada" to the Highest Forums of Government and Intitutions of Canada.

Based on this fact, Mr.Neritan Hyka took his Initiative forward  to create ALBANIAN CANADIAN LEAGUE  - ACL, as A Modern, Strong, Non-Profit, Non-Governmental  Organization.

His Idea and Call,  soon was supported later by many Albanians, Especially a group of Albanians, who are now the Directors of High Level,  Leading Forums of ACL.

Albanian Canadian League - ACL invites All the Albanians and others to Join Us, to become  stronger than ever a Umique Albanian Canadian Organization with Your Contribution and Work.

Our Commitment is spread day to day amongst YOU, because in our Foundantions stay the word ALBANIA and This will keep UP Our Breath, as far as it takes  !
      Albanian Canadian League - ACL

      Liga Shqiptare Kanadeze - LSHK
Albanian Canadian League Information Service (ACLIS)