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Thomas Simaku with a CD Release on Naxos
A CD comprising 6 works performed by the Kreutzer Quartet has just been released in the UK on Naxos records,and also in USA and Canada.
Thomas Simaku is an Albanian Composer among 21st Century Classics.For more information about individual tracks, please go to Naxos website.
A new CD release of Thomas Simaku

Monument to the Victims of Communism in Ottawa - Canada
Communist Sign the petition to support the building of a Monument to the Victims of Communism, in Ottawa, Canada

To: Parliament of Canada
While the horrors of Nazism are well known, who knows that the Soviet Union murdered 20 million people? Who knows that China's dictators have slaughtered an estimated 60 million? Who knows that the Communist holocaust has exacted a death toll surpassing that of all of the wars of the 20th century combined ? Just as we must grasp Communism's brutality, we must understand the true cause of this era's most significant event: the fall of the Soviet Union. While we believe that Vaclav Havel was right when he saw the fall of the Communist empire as an event on the same scale as the fall of the Roman Empire, it was not the end of Communism. Sign and Join this petition

Who recognised KOSOVA as an Independent State?
Countries that have recognized or Announced the recognition of Republic of Kosova
We are honored and humbled that it is our generation that lives to see that day and we are aware and ready to take up the path that begins from here. Our future is with Europe.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for standing by us in the worst times. In memory of those who gave and lost their lives, and loved ones. May peace and light prevail. Countries who recognized Kosova

Boycott of Greek products in Albania
Boycott of Greek products in Albania!

Albanian nationalists, who accuse Greece of turning the country into a non-conventional colony of Greece, are using the protest to halt the rising power of Greece in the country. In 2006 Greek Imports reached EUR 406mn, while Greek investments are estimated at over EUR 400mn. Greek companies and businesses own substantial shares in the telecommunication, petroleum and financial markets in the country. Strong protests were organized by the "Cham" population, ethnic Albanians that used to live in the territory of current Greece till the end of World War II. Afterwards, they forcedly expelled from their properties. Therefore we call on you to Boycott greek products in Albania

Donation for an Albanian Bridge in Shkoder City.
Has started a project to raise funds to build a bridge in the village of "Ure e Shtrenjte", near Shkoder. In need for donation to complete this project. More ..

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Kosova and Serb Bishop Artemije of Ras and Prizren

Posted on Saturday, February 14 @ 06:48:26 PST by classiclady

    In Response to the January 20, 2009 article by Serb Bishop Artemije of Ras and Prizren

    Your Grace,
    We have read with consternation and disappointment your response to the
    Kosova Flag
    article by the Hon. Morton Abramowitz and the Hon. Daniel Serwer (The Wall Street Journal, January 20, 2009)

    It’s an uncanny irony that your response comes simultaneously with the notice that the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia started procedures against Vlastimir Djordjevic, a former Serb high police official accused of crimes in Kosova, namely, the widespread Serb campaign of indiscriminate terror and violence against ethnic Albanians during the 1998 and 1999 military operations. As already documented systematic deportation, mass killings of over 10.000 civilians, 2.000 still disappeared, rape, theft, wanton destruction, and economic paralysis ensued. Schools were closed and jails were filled with students; the fledgling intellectual class was persecuted mercilessly; and more!

    Your Grace contends that Kosovo “barely functions”. Every beginning is hard. That is not a reason not to be free and independent for a newly born state. Furthermore, the Government of Serbia has put a trade embargo on Kosova, its natural neighbor, and is using illegal means to starve the new republic and provoke its collapse. People of good will do not recommend or applaud this behavior.

    Your Grace calls the K.L.A. a terrorist organization -which it is not- and has never been treated as such, except from the Republic of Serbia. You call Albanians’ right to self-determination, to be free and independent - similar to Serbia’s claim in the 19th century against the Ottomans – “a blatantly illegal separatist claim”. Can anyone in good conscience recommend subordination and slavery in silence?

    Your Grace sees the UN General Assembly Resolution to refer to the International Court of Justice the case of Kosova’s independence as a “diplomatic” victory for Serbia. We disagree! Intentionally or not, Your Grace forgets to mention that 74 States abstained from the vote; that is almost as many as those that voted for it. The above Resolution is simply a “diplomatic” maneuver on the part of the Serbian Government to pacify its public opinion with a sugar-coated pill, fully aware that the independence of Kosovo is irreversible. Strictly speaking such an advisory opinion is not legally binding. Furthermore, there is no case in modern history when the international community disbands a functioning state, recognized by 54 states, among them, the Great Powers of Europe and the United States. Whether Your Grace agrees or not, Serbia tried to ethnically cleanse Kosova of all Kosovar Albanians once and for all, and thus attracted the military reaction of the international community. There is no moral or political ground for Serbia to claim sovereignty over Kosova, a country with 92 percent Albanian population.

    Your Grace is concerned about the fate of “some 300 members of my flock” (namely Serbs) who were kidnapped by the KLA. The story does not stand the scrutiny of the facts. On the practical level, “to have had their organs removed for the illegal transplant trade, (and) were later killed” is impossible. The location mentioned, the town of Burreli, in the mountainous region of Mati, has only a rudimentary health clinic for the basic needs of the peasant population, unfit to perform even general surgery, let alone a complicated one. The distance from the airport of Rinas, supposedly used for transportation abroad, is about three hours rough ride given the poor state of the roads in Albania. Ambulances and the necessary apparel are largely absent even today in Albania. And Ms. Carla del Ponte has been contradicted by her own secretary. The book’s rumors of “organ removal”, while most probably intended as marketing trick to sell the book, have taken a life of their own and are being used as a desperate attempt to divert world’s attention from the Serbian mass crimes in Kosova.

    Your Grace does not say a single word about Serb crimes in Kosova, nor of the Kosovar Albanians’ will to separate from Serbia, and live in a country of their own. We maintain that a religious leader of your position should join the suffering people of Kosova, teach more love and compassion for the victimized Albanians - as the Teacher teaches us to do! ‘…Teach the world how people can live in harmony between religions and nations and how they can save each other” declared recently in Tirana, the Honorable Mordechai Arbell, chairman of the World Jewish Congress Institute.

    Serbia is a great country, and Serbs cannot be fooled forever. In a broadcast to Pescanik (Hourglass) program of Belgrade radio B92, on December 26, 2008, the distinguished lawyer and human rights activist, Srdja Popovic, said the following: “Serbia had two states: Yugoslavia and Great Serbia. Both collapsed. (There is) a propaganda aiming at preventing Serbia’s entrance in Europe, and to make a shift toward Russia. The only way out of this stalemate for Serbia is: to recognize Kosovo’s independence immediately, for (you) will never get it back again anyway, and even if you do, you wouldn’t know what to do with it.” (The dictator S.Milosevic declared (Spring 1999) that he knew what to do. When asked by NATO General W.Clark How? his answer was: “Leave it to us; we kill them all!”)

    Your Grace: the prestigious Human Rights Center of the University of California, Berkeley, in a book (War Crimes in Kosovo) describing “One Day” massacre in Kosova’s village of Cuska (May 14, 1999) wrote: “The book you hold in your hands is not just a piece of journalism, and it’s not just a human rights report. It’s a piece of documentary evidence. Read it, look at it, and judge by yourself!” “On a warm Spring morning in 1999, Serbian Security and paramilitary forces descended in the small village of Cuska, near the western Kosovo city of Pec. The villagers were threatened and robbed of their money, jewelry, and identification papers. Twenty-nine of them were divided in three groups and taken into three separate houses, where they were sprayed repeatedly with automatic weapons. Each house was then set on fire and left to burn. This gripping investigative account of the massacres establishes the truth of what happened in Cuska, deepens our understanding of war crimes, and sheds light on the world of paramilitaries who carry out mass killings of civilians in the name of the State.” The Kosova Committee for the Defense of Human Rights believes that at least 174 Albanian families were burned alive in their houses!

    Your Grace: Today, the much maligned “Muslims in Kosova,” wrote Michael J.Totten, of Portland, OR., “despite their obscurity, they stay as a rebuttal to the notion that Muslims will be forever shackled to authoritarian rule and wedded to war with modern plurality ‘Other’…The truth was that Serbian nationalists, led by Yugoslav dictator Slobodan Milosevic, had deliberately crafted their own ethnic nationalism as an ideology to replace Communism, seeking to retain power and seize as much territory as possible as the Yugoslav Federation unraveled”. (See: Illyria, February 3-5, 2009, p.2)

    In the meantime, the Republic of Kosova, free and independent, is now adopting the ingredients of a modern state, including liberty under law, accountable government, free market economy, religious and national tolerance on her way to secure for ALL citizens the notion of human dignity, reason, conscience and progress. It is in this spirit that the Kosovars have forgiven Serb atrocities. Yet, they can’t forget! To forget, it means to kill the victim again; it means to allow “evil” invade their country, to risk their lives and their land.

    Your Grace: we sincerely hope that such a scenario would not be acceptable to you. We hope and kindly urge You that Your work and efforts be directed towards fostering peace and reconciliation between the two peoples.

    Respectfully submitted

    On behalf of Institute Alb-Shkenca,
    Dr. Jahja Kokaj
    Kuwait University
    Sami Repishti. Ph.D.
    City University of New York (ret.)
    Dr. Gentian Zyberi
    University of Utrecht

Published by ACLIS Feb.14, 2009

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