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Thomas Simaku with a CD Release on Naxos
A CD comprising 6 works performed by the Kreutzer Quartet has just been released in the UK on Naxos records,and also in USA and Canada.
Thomas Simaku is an Albanian Composer among 21st Century Classics.For more information about individual tracks, please go to Naxos website.
A new CD release of Thomas Simaku

Monument to the Victims of Communism in Ottawa - Canada
Communist Sign the petition to support the building of a Monument to the Victims of Communism, in Ottawa, Canada

To: Parliament of Canada
While the horrors of Nazism are well known, who knows that the Soviet Union murdered 20 million people? Who knows that China's dictators have slaughtered an estimated 60 million? Who knows that the Communist holocaust has exacted a death toll surpassing that of all of the wars of the 20th century combined ? Just as we must grasp Communism's brutality, we must understand the true cause of this era's most significant event: the fall of the Soviet Union. While we believe that Vaclav Havel was right when he saw the fall of the Communist empire as an event on the same scale as the fall of the Roman Empire, it was not the end of Communism. Sign and Join this petition

Who recognised KOSOVA as an Independent State?
Countries that have recognized or Announced the recognition of Republic of Kosova
We are honored and humbled that it is our generation that lives to see that day and we are aware and ready to take up the path that begins from here. Our future is with Europe.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for standing by us in the worst times. In memory of those who gave and lost their lives, and loved ones. May peace and light prevail. Countries who recognized Kosova

Boycott of Greek products in Albania
Boycott of Greek products in Albania!

Albanian nationalists, who accuse Greece of turning the country into a non-conventional colony of Greece, are using the protest to halt the rising power of Greece in the country. In 2006 Greek Imports reached EUR 406mn, while Greek investments are estimated at over EUR 400mn. Greek companies and businesses own substantial shares in the telecommunication, petroleum and financial markets in the country. Strong protests were organized by the "Cham" population, ethnic Albanians that used to live in the territory of current Greece till the end of World War II. Afterwards, they forcedly expelled from their properties. Therefore we call on you to Boycott greek products in Albania

Donation for an Albanian Bridge in Shkoder City.
Has started a project to raise funds to build a bridge in the village of "Ure e Shtrenjte", near Shkoder. In need for donation to complete this project. More ..

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22-year-old from Indiana crowned Miss America

    LAS VEGAS — Katie Stam always dreamed of becoming Miss America, but she bypassed the kiddie
    Miss Indiana Katie Stam is crowned Miss America 2009 by Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund in Las Vegas
    pageants and waited until she was more mature and sure of herself. Her view of Miss America changed in that time too, and made her want her new title even more.

    A day after Stam was crowned Miss America 2009, she told The Associated Press that as a little girl, she considered Miss America more of a figure than a full-fledged job.

    “I literally saw this girl who’s living out her wildest dream,” Stam said, but that view changed as she aged. “As soon as I found out the job description of Miss America, it only attracted me further.”

    The platform for the 22-year-old University of Indianapolis student is community service, and she says she’s eager to start in that role. She planned to fly to New York later Sunday for a series of media interviews about her win.

    “It starts right away,” Stam said. “Miss America — being the goodwill ambassador for the Children’s Miracle Network — that job, that position was laid in my hands the moment they put the crown on my head.”

    Reigning Miss Americas become spokeswomen for various causes and charities, including the Children’s Miracle Network, a partner to the pageant.

    Of those responsibilities, Stam said, “I can’t wait to get started.”

    Stam overcame 51 other contestants, a throat infection and laryngitis Saturday night to win the crown. She’s the first winner from Indiana in the 88-year pageant.

    “My state deserves it,” said Stam, whose hometown is Seymour.

Posted by classiclady on Saturday, January 31 @ 14:30:17 PST (2195 reads)
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Obama's Inaugural Address: Humility, Gratitude, Sacrifice

World VIP
    AP Reuters – U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his speech after taking the Oath of Office
    to become the 44th President … Humility, gratitude and sacrifice.

    From his first words, Barack Obama let us know that even on a day so bright he was not blinded.

    Not by the cloud of witnesses in front of him.

    Not by the lights of cameras sending his words across the planet.

    That he was willing to sound so somber on his day of celebration tells us many things at once.

    At a time of scarcity, do not waste opportunities. When the world is watching and willing to follow, tell them where you want to take them.

    And above all tell the truth.

    "That we are in the midst of crisis is now well understood," he said, and yet he reminded us how deep it was, not only with war and loss and economic decline, but with doubt and dread and a "nagging fear that America's decline is inevitable, and that the next generation must lower its sights."

    And yet it was by confronting so clearly all that frightens and threatens us that Obama could issue his challenge.

    "In reaffirming the greatness of our nation, we understand that greatness is never a given," he said.

    "It must be earned." To do that, he said, America must dismiss the cynical, resist the easy but futile fix, "reform bad habits and do our business in the light of day - because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government."

Posted by classiclady on Tuesday, January 20 @ 13:30:15 PST (826 reads)
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Allegations Lead Army to Review Arms Policy

    New York Times

    MOSCOW — The United States Army has begun a
    A mugshot of 22-year-old gun merchant Efraim Diveroli after his arrest on drunk driving charges on Miami Beach on March 5. He was released on $1,000 bond. The case is pending.
    broad review of procedures used to supply security forces in Afghanistan and Iraq with foreign arms, prompted by an allegation of fraud and questions about the competence of the main private supplier of ammunition to Afghanistan.

    The company, AEY Inc. of Miami Beach, was suspended last month after Army investigators accused it of shipping aged Chinese rifle cartridges and claiming they were Hungarian.

    The Army decided to review its contracting procedures as several arms-industry officials said that long before the suspension, it was clear the Army had erred by not recognizing risk factors in AEY’s history and activities, and by being lured by a very low bid.

    Problems with the contract, they said, were evident again early this year when AEY’s president was seen shopping for foreign munitions, including shoulder-fired rockets, at an American gun show. The money he was offering, the officials said, was too little to buy quality ammunition.

    Lt. Gen. William E. Mortensen, deputy commanding general of the Army Materiel Command, and Jeffrey P. Parsons, executive director of the Army Contracting Command, said last week that based on questions about AEY’s performance and initial inquiries into the contract’s history, the Army had undertaken an extensive review of its arms-contracting standards and procedures and planned to overhaul several.

Posted by classiclady on Sunday, April 27 @ 11:30:50 PDT (698 reads)
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In Search of an Albanian Lincoln

    February 12th marks the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, generally considered America's greatest
    President. Lincoln led America out of a bloody civil war that saw more than 600,000 soldiers perish in battle and threatened to tear the United States in half. It was the most turbulent time in our nation's history.

    By Mr.Gary Q. Kokalari

    On November 19, 1863, at the site of the Civil War's decisive Battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln delivered the most famous speech by a U.S. President, The Gettysburg Address. I can vividly remember how, as a boy in grade school, I was required to memorize Lincoln's immortal words. Although it would be difficult for me to recite the entire speech today, engrained in my memory forever is the first line of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address:

    "For score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

Posted by classiclady on Tuesday, February 12 @ 13:43:04 PST (773 reads)
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Barack Obama - to become first black president

    A hoarse but ebullient Barack Obama has stormed into New Hampshire after his clear victory
    Senator Barack Obama
    over Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses reshaped the Democratic presidential race.

    Mr Obama, whose message of generational change handed him victory in Iowa on a tidal wave of young and independent voters, arrived in the Granite State yesterday and proclaimed to a cheering crowd in a vast aircraft hangar in Portsmouth: “Our time for change has come. And four days from now, New Hampshire, you have the chance to change America!”

    Mr Obama’s eight-point victory over Mrs Clinton in Iowa appeared to be a stunning vindication of his passionate call for a new, less divisive era in US politics. But he now faces perhaps the greatest challenge of his campaign: a wounded Mrs Clinton in a state where she enjoys far deeper support than she ever did in Iowa.

    The former First Lady, who finished third just behind John Edwards, will now use every element of the ruthless political machine behind her, and connections in New Hampshire built up over years with her husband, Bill, to halt Mr Obama’s momentum.

Posted by classiclady on Friday, January 04 @ 16:21:53 PST (718 reads)
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Interview of the President G.W. BUSH

    Interview of the President by Andi Bejtja, Vision Plus TV, Albania

    May 31, 2007
    3:37 P.M. EDT

    George W. Bush
    Q: Mr. President, first of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity you give to me and to Albanian public for this interview. And I have just a simple question in the beginning. What is the reason of including Albania in this European tour this time?

    THE PRESIDENT: That's a fascinating question. First of all, I want to make sure the Albanian people understand that America knows that you exist and that you're making difficult choices to cement your free society. I'm coming as a lover of liberty to a land where people are realizing the benefits of liberty.
    Secondly, I've been impressed by your leadership. I have met your leaders at different times --

    Q: Impressed in what sense?

    THE PRESIDENT: In the sense that they're committed to common values with the United States, that they believe in certain freedoms, and that people ought to be given a chance to live in a free society. And so my message is that we welcome our friendship, that I'm proud of the hard work that you're doing, and I'm particularly grateful to be the first sitting President ever to come to Albania.
Posted by acl on Friday, June 01 @ 11:57:34 PDT (763 reads)
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Religion Guided 3 Held in Fort Dix Plot

    New York Times

    PHILADELPHIA, May 9 — The three Duka brothers — Eljvir, Shain and Dritan — not only prayed here at the Al Aqsa Islamic Center, but also recently began repairing its roof.

    Ethem Bey Mosque(right) - Tirana, the only place in the world where mosques and churches are side by side
    By Kareem Fahim reported from Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, N.J., and Andrea Elliott from New York. Reporting was contributed by Richard G. Jones in Cookstown, N.J.; Sewell Chan, David Rohde and Maureen Seaberg in New York; Nate Schweber in Philadelphia; Ethan Wilensky-Lanford in Cherry Hill; and Nicholas Wood in Macedonia.

    The work came naturally to them, as members of a large family of ethnic Albanian immigrants who own more than a dozen roofing companies in New York and New Jersey. They fixed the roof free of charge, encouraged by their imam to do good deeds. One congregant said the men were storing up credit for “the afterlife.”

    But the job remains half finished after the brothers and three other Muslim men were taken into custody this week, charged with plotting a terrorist attack against soldiers at the Fort Dix military reservation. Their arrests reverberated through the extended Duka dynasty, from southern New Jersey to the village of Debar, in Macedonia, the family’s ancestral home.

    “It’s fine to be a religion man,” said Murat Duka, 55, a distant relative of the defendants who was the first of the Dukas — now numbering about 200 — to move to the Northeast and work as a roofer. “But if you get too much to the religion, you get out of your mind and you do stupid things.”
Posted by acl on Friday, May 11 @ 07:03:08 PDT (785 reads)
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Bush to make historic visit to Albania

    Next month's trip will be the first to Albania by a US president

    By Jonilda Koci for Southeast European Times in Tirana – 02/05/07
    George W. Bush

    The White House confirmed last week that US President George W. Bush will visit Albania on June 10th. He also plans to visit the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Bulgaria, after attending the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Germany from June 6th to the 8th.

    Bush plans to meet with Albanian President Alfred Moisiu and Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

    According to Moisiu, the visit carries great symbolism. A superpower, he said, is building reciprocal respect and collaboration with a small country such as Albania.

    "This shows proof of the great values of American democracy, which remains an inspiration," the president said April 26th during a meeting in Tirana with the former Supreme Commander of the NATO Allied Forces in Europe, General Wesley Clark.

    Berisha said he considers Bush's visit as a high point in the excellent relationship between Albania and the United States. "Since Albania's independence, in the most critical moments of national liberty for Albanians, the United States has played the role of helping to save rights and freedom," he said.
Posted by acl on Thursday, May 03 @ 17:40:20 PDT (734 reads)
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2011 is bringing....

NO hopes for a albanian democratic society
big changes in politics, ousting of Sali Berisha
an albanian economic crisis
big investments
prosperity and new government
new laws for ex - landlords
punishment of communist elite
strong and powerful Albania
war against corruption
war against neo-communists
no hopes at all
I don't know


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