Albania PM Dismisses Laundering Charge

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    07 October 2008 Tirana _ Albania’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have dismissed accusations
    Sali Berisha called also "Prime Minister of Monstrosities"
    that their family businesses laundered money in a deal with a Bosnian businessman.

    Albanian media reported allegations of shady transactions and money laundering between Damir Fazlic, a Bosnian businessman and a partner of the law office of Argita Malltezi, the daughter of Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

    The reports also implicate the brother-in-law of Minister of Foreign Affairs Lulzim Basha, who worked as an administrator of Fazlic’s businesses registered in Tirana.

    The allegation relate to the sale of one of Fazlic’s businesses, Crown Acquisitions, which was sold in June 2007 to Cyprus-based company, Altaria Research Limited, for €1.75 million, without holding any assets.

    The sale was never registered in Albania’s tax authorities, and was facilitated by the Flutura Kola, a partner of Kola and Malltezi, the Tirana law office ran by Berisha’s daughter.

    Erion Isufi, the brother-in-law of Basha, acted as administrators of the company. He also operated a series of companies registered by Fazlic in 2005, shortly after the centre-right coalition headed by Berisha won the parliamentary election.

    Fazlic worked as a consultant with a US company, BG & R, which designed Berisha’s Democratic Party electoral campaign.

    The office of the Albanian Prosecutor General Ina Rama, is currently probing the sale of Crown Acquisition and Fazlic’s other business in Albania.

    In an interview in London with the Albanian private broadcaster Top Channel, Fazlic denied the accusation against him, saying that the Crown Accusations had never been sold.

    “It is not true that the company was sold,” he said, while declining to give details.

    The Bosnian businessman confirmed his ties to Berisha describing him as “a really good friend.”

    The Albanian opposition has charged that Berisha and Basha were involved in corrupt deals with Fazlic.

    Independent information has given us yet another shivering report on the capture of the state by the corrupt clan of Prime Minister Berisha,” said Socialist leader Edi Rama.

    “The work motive of this cabinet is to govern in order to make money and make money in order to stay in power,” Rama alleged.

    “This affair confirms that Berisha is one of the largest traffickers in the Balkans,” said the head of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Ilir Meta.

    Berisha denied the accusations in a parliamentary session on Tuesday and in turn threatened the opposition that he would open the “country’s crime archives” and transparency over them would not leave them very pleased.

    Basha also denied the allegations against him.

    “My family does not have any business with Mr. Fazlic,” Basha said, adding “that the accusations were an evil hysterical campaign.”

    A criminal is a criminal

    Damir Fazlic (left) in a business meeting with Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha doing 'Special Business' in the presence of Tom Ridge(left), Famir Mediu and Sokol Olldashi (right)
    Naser Oric was arrested by the police of the Federation of BiH for racketeering and money laundering. With action by the federal police, were caught people linked to organized crime Bosnian and Croatian, and involved in extortion and money laundering. Along with Naser Oric, former commander of the Bosnian army brigade Mujaheedin, were also arrested his wife and Dzermin Kadric, and Damir Fazlic and Nedim Sahinpasic.

    Issued by the Hague Tribunal of injustice "for lack of evidence on crimes committed against Serb citizens of Srebrenica and the surrounding enclave, Naser Oric was arrested by the police of the Federation of BiH for racketeering and money laundering. It is true, therefore, that a criminal is still a criminal, and must undergo end to end, the consequences of his crimes, even by his Muslim nation. Action by the federal police has led thus the arrest of a group of Bosnians, linked to organized crime Bosnian and Croatian, and involved in extortion and money laundering. Along with Naser Oric, former commander of the Bosnian army brigade Mujaheedin, were also arrested his wife and Dzermin Kadric, and Damir Fazlic and Nedim Sahinpasic, the Bosnian boss implicated in trafficking, whose extension was not yet well-circumscribed.

    According to newspaper reports the Serbian public, Naser Oric was arrested while he was in the restaurant with Damir Fazlic, Nedim Sahinpasic and Branislav Cvjeticanin, Serb from Belgrade, along with about 100,000 U.S. dollars, which were to be delivered to the closure of an operation . The same evening, would un'estorsione collected by the owners of a shop in Tuzla, thus perpetuating their racketeering activities and estorsione.Appena left The Hague, Naser Oric had moved only a couple of months ago from Tuzla to Sarajevo, where has tried to build its criminal canvas. It 'been repeatedly seen in the company of Naser Keljemendi of Albanian nationality and a member of a band of criminals Bosnian capital. Oric Keljemendi and were planning to take control of the local mafia, after the bombing of the boss Ramiz Delalic Celo, and stop Ali Muhamed Rizo and Gasi. At the time while Naser Oric, his wife and Dzermin Kadric remain in prison, Fazlic and Sahinpasic were released, despite their long list of previous criminal convictions.

    Between the two bosses involved, to report Damir Fazlic, who has previous to the jurisdiction of Serbia, with a conviction for forgery of identity in the course of its activities of "financial advice" as the owner of the company ghost European Finance. In Bosnia, is as representative of Capital Investment Management Corporation, awarded the consultancy contract for the Tobacco Industry of Sarajevo, receiving 250,000 U.S. dollars for an ever done, and fueling trafficking in contraband cigarettes in the Balkan region. The name of Damir Fazlic is supported by entrepreneur Croatian Hrvoje Petrac, which in turn has made the "business" even with General Ante Gotovina. The Croatian liaison "leaves little doubt that kind of business were closed, where money laundering is a rib of the operations of arms trafficking. Damir Fazlic, for its part has played an important role as advisor of former Premier of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edhem Bicakcic and great collaborator of the Mafia boss of Belgrade as Milorad Ulemek and Zemun Legija. Lately has been involved in advising the sale of the company Elektroprivreda BiH and the construction of several hydroelectric power plants.

    Instead, Nedim Sahinpasic - son of Senado Sahinpasic, one of the closest collaborators of Alija Izetbegović and his son Bakir - has coordinated the logistics of the Bosnian, in collaboration with Hasan Cengic, as a person of utmost confidence. Through Sahinpasic and Cengic were open, and so manipulated, the channels for arms smuggling, money and humanitarian aid, which came from abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    It is prepared Naser Oric case for a new trial with new counts, but with the same legal Vasvija Vidovic, hoping that will end with yet another release. In all these years, marked by subtle and cruel crimes, Justice failed to disrupted a criminal structure that lives only to protect and meet the interests of powerful groups that control power now "democratic" Bosnia and Herzegovina. Are not sufficient evidence to condemn the same Alija Izetbegović, on whose head, who surveys of Interpol for his involvement in the fundamentalist terrorist network in Bosnia. Similarly, Justice of The Hague was unable to order a criminal recidivist as Naser Oric, a murderess and a trafficker, who feel untouchable and unpunished, decided to get back in business soon. Moreover, these are the results of the war against terrorism in the West, which has transformed the former combatants Mujaheedin, in men of "business", trafficking drugs, arms, persons and organs, thus living in complete impunity. This will be the first sign that Bosnia Herzegovina will ultimately be abandoned even by the invisible, being now a land that does not interest most anyone.

    The Rreshen-Kalimash efforts on budget

    In connection with the investigation of irregularities in the construction of Rreshen-Kalimash, has reached final report on cost of the contract, amounting to 1.23 million, double that announced. This is the cost, even the damage caused by the actual Bechtel-Enka consortium, which is building the motorway part of the overall project linking Kosovo to Albania.

    The accounting experts appointed by the Attorney General of Albania to calculate the damages amounted to abuse of the Rreshen-Kalimash are finally a fair result. After delays and uncertainties, has reached final report that talks about a cost to the work of construction of Rreshen-Kalimash by more than 1.23 million, double that announced amounted to 620 million euros. This is the cost, even the damage caused by the actual Bechtel-Enka consortium, which is building the motorway Rreshen-Kalimash, part of the overall project linking Kosovo to Albania. It begins as a light on the biggest financial scandal in which the prosecutor investigates hours in Albania, began the investigation in the case, for suspected manipulation of budgets and supplies the international consortium.

    The report, written by Pellumb Ahmetaj and Zenun Katana, put in black and white artificial manipulation that was done on prices from the subcontractor. Unlike the first report, the two experts have not tackled the difference in prices and offers, simply find the value charged against the Albanian state. In fact, the value of the project has increased drastically as a result of the use of small subcontractors responsible for building several sections of roadways, which have artificially increased the price compared to actual market value. The massive dossier was submitted two days ago before the Attorney General, which showed the obvious difference between the real value of the Durres-Kukes road compared to what was agreed, giving l `ok at the opening of investigations. Sources at the prosecutor revealed that it will soon pass the final stage and concrete and will define the criminal responsibility of persons involved.

    Experts have pointed out that in addition to serious legal violations in the course of the contract, the Albanian government has agreed with an estimate cost far exceeds the actual value estimated. Does not preclude the submission of a second report, this time based on differences between the prices charged by subcontractors and real, thus showing clearly the `financial abuse and the damage to taxpayers Albanians. The two experts will answer questions compiled by prosecutors seeking to identify the early leaders, after 18 months of investigation. According to investigators, the first to be affected if detected a huge damage to the Albanian state, you `l former transport minister and current Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha, and his two collaborators, Armand Teliti and Andi Toma, accused of "Abuse of power" in the relationship. The cost of the final had been hidden for a long time, until the Albanian Minister of the Interior Sikol Olldashi said that the Durres-Kukes has a project worth 620 million euros, infusing the false hope that the cost would be also reduced. A promise that this was not maintained, to the point of the Bechtel paid more than twice the real value.

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