Edi Rama and investigation of 12 files

Date: Saturday, June 10 @ 09:34:19 PDT
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    Tirana Prosecution Office has under investigation twelve files against the Municipality of
    Edi Rama
    Tirana.According to sources from the body of accusation, the subject of these twelve file is the cooperativist-type expropriation performed by the Municipality of Tirana under the justification to be used for public investments.

    According to sources form the prosecution office, these lawsuits were submitted by people who made their property available for state interests, but they have been compensated by structures of the Municipality of Tirana, neither financially, nor physically. In such conditions, owners of different territorial spaces, mainly built-up land used for parks and other investments took yesterday penal and civil actions.

    These expropriations have happened during the last five years of Municipality’s activity. In this period of time, tens of thousands of square meters of land that was transformed in parks have expropriated. According to the investigators working on the files, five of the owners have already won civil cases in all levels of the judicial, but still, they have not been compensated by the Municipality.

    For this reason, it is soon expected that owners submit a lawsuit against the municipality with the charge of misuse of office. The prosecution office informed through confidential sources that the main responsibility falls on the mayor, who has been an active part in all expropriation actions and has signed relevant documents. So Rama could be the principal alleged person for unjust expropriations. According to investigators, owners of the built-up land informed that they will continue looking for their right even up to violations of public spaces. Another problem is the overlapping of construction permits in the expropriated zones. According to investigators of Tirana prosecution office, some of the owners are in possession of regular construction permits taken since the moment of expropriation, but they could not construct there, as another construction permit was issued in favour of the municipality, which built there parks and other things for public interest. However, what remains to be verified is municipality’s violation with others’ properties.

    Edi Rama - changed from last year

    Exactly one year before, the Socialist Party has organized the Pre Electoral Congress on the 3 July Elections.The things have been totally different that time. Fatos Nano was the party’s leader that time, while now there is Edi Rama. On the last year congress there is represented and approved “Rama’s” package, which asked the statute’s changes on legalizing the different voices within the party, or said differently, the fractions’ legalization, point now thrown away on the moment that Rama is on the position of the Socialist Party’s leader. The only single point of that package when Rama is still gating support is the principle “One member one vote”, on electing the Party’s leader. On the last year Rama has got the support of the Socialist Party’s Congress. The so-called “Rama’s” Platform has got the support of the Socialist Party’s leader Fatos Nano on that time. Rama proposed the opinion party’s life institutionalization on a different was, on that of the voted integrated platforms. Based on such proposal, any of the members has the right to express the different opinion of him, shaped on a platform’s frame which is going to be presented on the directing party’s forums, and further to ask for its support. According to Rama, the voted integrated platform is considered only that is taking not less than 20% of the party’s member’s votes. A third proposal has been that calculated based on the percentages of any integrated voted platform on up to 20% of the voted party’s members, there are proportionally established the directing party’s forums. The Party’s Congres, as Rama proposed it, approves the terminal platform as a synthesis of the wining platform with the other voted ones. Rama proposed that the Party’s members based on the principle of “One Vote one Member” should elect the SP’s leader.

    The candidatures can be officially after there is presented to the Congress’s Representative Group 300 signatures of the SP’s members, which are in the party for more than one party’s legislature. On the package nominated even by Nano, as Rama’s package, it is proposed that 1/3 of any forum participation should be composed by women. The last point of such a platform was the National SP’s Political Forums establishment as a consulting government’s organ, the Parliamentary Group, the KPD and the Directorate. It should be composed by the Party’s Leader, the Prime Minister on the cases when he is not the Party’s leader, ex SP’s Prime Ministers, Secretaries, Parliamentary Group Directorate’s Members and other fields’ experts which want to offer their imputes on the Albanian leftwing.
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