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    Tinka Kurti (born December 17, 1932) is one of the finest and best known Albanian actresses.
    Tinka Kurti
    Her body of work, in about 60 years of acting, includes tens of movies and hundreds of plays. She is credited for having brought to life more than 300 different characters.

    Tinka was born in the Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was the oldest of 4 children. She lived most of her life in the city of Shkodra in northern Albania

    Her first theatre appearance came when she was 16, as a minor role in the play Dasma Shkodrane (Wedding from Shkodra.) Her performance was so impressive that at 17 she was chosen to act as a leading role in the first Albanian film “Tana.” What followed was an endless series of roles that would rightfully make her name a treasure of the Albanian art.

    In 1996 the Albanian actress was honored by the US Biographical Institute with the award “Woman of the Year ’96.” Upon receiving the award, Kurti said: “I want to thank from the bottom of my heart those who honored me with this award. I only learned about it a short time ago, but it’s something that will not be easily forgotten.” Kurti has won other awards in her career such as the one in Italy for her role in the movie Zemra e Nėnės (Mother’s Heart.) In Sweden, the Albanian theatre in the city of Malmo, is named after her. In 2003, the Albanian director Esat Teliti made a bibliographical documentary as a tribute to her life. It was simply named “Tinka”.

    To this day, almost 74 years old, Kurti still acts and amazes her audience wherever she goes. She once said: “I don’t fear the old age, not even death. But, I do fear the senility of the brain, and when that moment will come, I think I would be dead two times. That’s why I want to work.”


    Nata (The night) - 1998
    Zemra e Nėnės (Mother’s heart) - 1995
    Nė emėr tė lirisė (In the name of freedom) - 1987
    Hije qė mbeten pas (Shadows left behind) -1985
    Besa e kuqe (Red faith) - 1982
    Qortimet e Vjeshtės (Autumn’s reproach) - 1982
    Si gjithė tė tjerėt (Like all the others) -1981
    Mengjeze te reja (New mornings) - 1980
    Nusja (The bride) - 1980
    Gjeneral gramafoni (The general gramophone) - 1978
    Vajzat me kordele tė kuqe (Girls with red ribbons) - 1978
    Emblema e dikurshme - 1976
    Cifti i lumtur (The happy couple) – 1975
    Lumė drite (River of light) - 1975
    Operacion Zjarri (Fire operation) - 1973
    Yjet e netėve tė gjata - (Stars of long nights) - 1972
    Guximtarėt (The brave) - 1970
    Tana (Tana) - 1958
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