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Thomas Simaku with a CD Release on Naxos
A CD comprising 6 works performed by the Kreutzer Quartet has just been released in the UK on Naxos records,and also in USA and Canada.
Thomas Simaku is an Albanian Composer among 21st Century Classics.For more information about individual tracks, please go to Naxos website.
A new CD release of Thomas Simaku

Monument to the Victims of Communism in Ottawa - Canada
Communist Sign the petition to support the building of a Monument to the Victims of Communism, in Ottawa, Canada

To: Parliament of Canada
While the horrors of Nazism are well known, who knows that the Soviet Union murdered 20 million people? Who knows that China's dictators have slaughtered an estimated 60 million? Who knows that the Communist holocaust has exacted a death toll surpassing that of all of the wars of the 20th century combined ? Just as we must grasp Communism's brutality, we must understand the true cause of this era's most significant event: the fall of the Soviet Union. While we believe that Vaclav Havel was right when he saw the fall of the Communist empire as an event on the same scale as the fall of the Roman Empire, it was not the end of Communism. Sign and Join this petition

Who recognised KOSOVA as an Independent State?
Countries that have recognized or Announced the recognition of Republic of Kosova
We are honored and humbled that it is our generation that lives to see that day and we are aware and ready to take up the path that begins from here. Our future is with Europe.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for standing by us in the worst times. In memory of those who gave and lost their lives, and loved ones. May peace and light prevail. Countries who recognized Kosova

Boycott of Greek products in Albania
Boycott of Greek products in Albania!

Albanian nationalists, who accuse Greece of turning the country into a non-conventional colony of Greece, are using the protest to halt the rising power of Greece in the country. In 2006 Greek Imports reached EUR 406mn, while Greek investments are estimated at over EUR 400mn. Greek companies and businesses own substantial shares in the telecommunication, petroleum and financial markets in the country. Strong protests were organized by the "Cham" population, ethnic Albanians that used to live in the territory of current Greece till the end of World War II. Afterwards, they forcedly expelled from their properties. Therefore we call on you to Boycott greek products in Albania

Donation for an Albanian Bridge in Shkoder City.
Has started a project to raise funds to build a bridge in the village of "Ure e Shtrenjte", near Shkoder. In need for donation to complete this project. More ..

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ACLIS - Albanian Canadian League Information Service - A logistic office of Albanian Canadian League: Albanian Economy

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Albanian Economy:

My letter to Dritan Prifti

Albanian Economy
  • Mr. Gary Kokalari & MP. Mr. Dritan Prifti - their correspondences related to some Albanian Issues.

    September 27, 2009

    Mr. Dritan Prifti - Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy
    Dritan Prifti
    Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy
    Republic of Albania
    Tirana, Albania


    Now that you have been appointed Minister of Economy this puts you in an excellent position to do something about the abuses you wrote to me about in several of your email messages. To help you refresh your memory I've provided copies of several of the messages which appear below.

    For instance, you should now be in a position to gather evidence about the violation of the Serbian oil embargo that you claimed, per your November 3, 2008 email, was perpetrated by Sali Berisha. You are also now in a position to do something about the abuses in the telecom sector such as the deal between Berisha and Fatos Nano to sell Albtelecom to the Turks that you referred to in your December 7, 2006 email. Based on your comments, it appears there is a case to investigate both Berisha and Nano for corrupt practices. You are also in the position to finally do something about the telecom interconnection fee abuse that continues to burden Albanians with calling rates that are among the highest in the world. Nano and Berisha have helped perpetuate these fee arrangements, and as you know quite well, Meta was instrumental in setting up these structures so you are in a particularly good position to help unwind these biased agreements for the benefit of the people of Albania.
Posted by acl on Sunday, October 04 @ 19:51:35 PDT (2834 reads)
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Albanian Economy:

First Albanian Business Network Launch in Tirana

Albanian Economy
    Tirana, Albania, March 24, 2009 --( On Thursday the 9th of April, 2009, the first ever
    Albanian Economy
    Albanian Business Network will officially launch with a small wine and cheese event for press and potential members at the Tirana International Hotel.

    ALBN is a networking organisation and business club with the head office in Tirana, as well as based online. Membership is open to Albanian professionals in Albania and around the world, foreign investors looking to invest in Albania, and Albanian local businesses.

    Membership will provide a chance for businesses of all sizes in Tirana and Albania to network, and share best practices. Members will receive support and training with planning and marketing to grow their businesses, find more customers, and increase their profits. The network will also comprise an online club and news service for all investors and professionals around the world interested in business in Albania.

    The event will start at 6.30pm and finish at 8.30pm, and will comprise a short presentation, a chance to meet the Network Consultants, meet other business professionals and celebrate with wine and cheese. Due to the limited places available booking your place is essential.

Posted by classiclady on Tuesday, March 24 @ 14:05:42 PDT (1629 reads)
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Albanian Economy:

Westin - I believe we can refer to it as a success case

Albanian Economy
    Interview with the IMF Resident Representative in Tirana, Ann-Margret Westin

    Interview by Erald Kapri

    Ann-Margret Westin, the IMF resident representative in Albania for some years now, talks to “Standard” newspaper on the latest
    developments. At the beginning of 2009, the IMF will have a new monitoring program with Albania, which will mean less conditionality for Albania. Regardless of this foretold process, the opposition expressed its doubts on the new program, but Westin said that “if Albanian authorities are interested, the IMF would be ready to discuss on a new arrangement.

    This program would again focus on safeguarding macroeconomic stability, but it would contain less conditions on structural reforms and the possibility of access to IMF financing. It could have the form of a regular precautionary Stand-By Arrangement (SBA)”. During this interview, the IMF head in Albania said that Albania is not a poor country anymore, but a middle income country, which means that is has been maturing as country.

    “Our PRGF arrangement is aimed at the poorest countries and it is now time for Albania to graduate from this type of arrangement, something that has been discussed with the authorities as well”, - said Ann-Margret Westin, who further adds that despite the debate in the country regarding the kind of arrangement that we should have with the IMF, “there are example of countries where ahead of elections the government and the opposition together signed off on a new Fund program to signal that policies would remain on track”.

    In her interview for “standard”, Westin comments on the global financial crisis and the possibility of its penetration in Albania. She answers this question saying: “there is a saying in English that “every cloud has a silver lining”. She sees 2008 as a year with buoyant economic growth and with contained inflation. Westin unveils that in August of next year she will leave her post as the Resident Representative for Albania, and asked how she is leaving Albania she declared: “I believe one can refer to Albania as a “success” case”.

    However Westin gives her advice for the advancing of reforms and “In particular, further structural reforms to enhance property rights, in particular when it comes to land registration, contract enforcement, and governance at public institutions will be needed to create a good enough business climate to attract large-scale foreign investment”.

Posted by classiclady on Friday, January 16 @ 15:24:46 PST (956 reads)
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Albanian Economy:

Interview of Camille Nuamah,the World Bank Manager

Albanian Economy
    Interview of Camille Nuamah, the World Bank Country Manager to Top Channel Television.

    INSTAT declared recently a 9.9% growth till
    Albanian Economy
    September. What is your opinion on this? Does this growth derives from sustainable sources or from accidental ones?

    The publication of the quarterly GDP estimate is a long awaited development in Albania. It is very, very useful for helping the public and businesses to test the temperature of the economy in the middle of the year. However, it’s quite important for the people to understand that there is a difference between the quarterly GDP estimates -- which provides a sense of where the economy is going -- versus annual GDP estimates, which is fully computed based on the entire production of the economy during a year. At the beginning when a country starts to make these estimates – quarterly and annual GDP – the two can be quite divergent.

    Let me give an example. One way in which the quarterly GDP is estimated is by looking at the survey data or leading indicators you may have in any economy. Take the tourism sector. In order to get a quarterly estimate, the authorities may look at the number of visitors that arrived [in any month], which may suggest the growth of that sector from one year to the next. However, to compute the final GDP, lots of other things have to go into the calculation including how much [the tourists] spent, the production of certain services by the tourism sector, in transport and other services that tourists may use and the expenses the hotels had to incur in order to provide those services. So, while we are very pleased [with the introduction of quarterly GDP]. The figures that you see presented in the quarterly GDP do suggest that the Albanian economy is doing better that last year. Nevertheless, we would like to caution the public that it would be premature to compare them [the quarterly GDP estimates] to the final estimates of annual GDP growth that we have, say, of 2006 and 2007.

Posted by classiclady on Saturday, January 03 @ 09:07:12 PST (785 reads)
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Albanian Economy:

Albanian economic challenges loom by IMF

Albanian Economy
    WASHINGTON, Aug 4 (Reuters) - Albania faces
    Albanian Economy
    serious economic challenges despite the progress it has made in recent years, the International Monetary Fund said on Monday, although it also noted that the immediate outlook was quite bright.

    "Some deep-seated problems remain, notably in the electricity sector and with regard to the business climate," the IMF said in a regular review of the economic health of the country, which neighbors Greece and Macedonia.

    "More adversarial politics are in stock ahead of next year's election, while regional risks linger," the Fund said, referring to parliamentary elections in 2009 that may make it harder to stick with potentially unpopular economic policies.

Posted by classiclady on Tuesday, August 05 @ 08:51:42 PDT (2604 reads)
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Albanian Economy:

The beaches are clean in Albania. And they're almost empty

Albanian Economy
    Clear seas, rooms with views, even a lost city to explore. How long till the hordes reach Albania, asks Marcus Tanner.

    Vlora's Beaches
    I never meant to go to Albania. Who would after reading Paul Theroux's apocalyptic account of a trip to Vlore in The Pillars of Hercules? The idea was a sunny week in Corfu. But Corfu and I didn't connect, so after two days I checked out of my hotel and wheeled my suitcase to the port.

    The first office I reached had the sign "Tickets to Albania" in the window, and as the man inside at his desk looked amiable, curiosity drew me in. When was the next boat? "In a few minutes at nine o'clock." "Umm, can I get back?" "There are three boats a day!" How long was the ride? "Twenty-five minutes." That more or less sorted it; the fact that my return ticket cost only €25 clinched it.

    I admit, I crossed the short stretch of water to Saranda, accompanied solely by grizzled-looking Albanian Gastarbeiters, with unease. I knew a splendid "lost" Roman city lay close to Saranda, but what of the town? Would there be hotels, running water, power – a menu I could understand ?
Posted by acl on Thursday, June 19 @ 16:56:09 PDT (3691 reads)
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Albanian Economy:

Albania's ARMO for sale

Albanian Economy
    BUDAPEST (Thomson Financial) - Hungarian oil and natural gas company MOL is one of 15 companies
    Oil Refinery
    that have purchased the privatisation-tender documents to bid for an 85 pct stake in Albanian state-owned oil refinery ARMO, Albania's Minister of Economy Genz Ruli announced, according to MIT-Econews.

    Mr Ruli told journalists that it was a pleasant surprise that large companies have shown interest in ARMO, which operates two refineries and a small network of service stations in Albania.

    The bids for ARMO will be judged 75 pct on the price offered and 25 pct on the prospective buyer's business and development plan. Official bidding will start on May 21, and the contract is scheduled to be signed in June.

Posted by classiclady on Friday, March 14 @ 14:58:36 PDT (5789 reads)
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Albanian Economy:

Albania Increases Minimum Wage

Albanian Economy
    Read inside:
  • Albania To Privatize Its Energy Industry; Will Sell Utilities To Firms Pledging To "Go Green"
  • Tunc Holding AG: first telecommunications project in Albania
  • Albania to Privatise Power Distributor
  • Albania's Trade Deficit Grows

    28 February 2008 Tirana _ Albania's government has raised the minimum wage by 10% following
    Albanian Economy
    recent hikes in the price of bread.

    The minimum wage now stands at 16000 lek (€130) per month.

    In recent weeks, the opposition and the media have called on Prime Minister Sali Berisha to intervene in the regulation of the price of bread, which has increased by 50% during the last year.

    However, his liberal centre-right government refused to intervene in the market and instead agreed to take action on salaries if inflationary pressures continued to rise.

    "The minimum wage is not a dictate for the market, but a major obligation for society as a whole, as it is present in liberal economies like the United States," said Berisha during the cabinet meeting.

Posted by classiclady on Friday, February 29 @ 13:15:35 PST (940 reads)
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2011 is bringing....

NO hopes for a albanian democratic society
big changes in politics, ousting of Sali Berisha
an albanian economic crisis
big investments
prosperity and new government
new laws for ex - landlords
punishment of communist elite
strong and powerful Albania
war against corruption
war against neo-communists
no hopes at all
I don't know


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