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Thomas Simaku with a CD Release on Naxos
A CD comprising 6 works performed by the Kreutzer Quartet has just been released in the UK on Naxos records,and also in USA and Canada.
Thomas Simaku is an Albanian Composer among 21st Century Classics.For more information about individual tracks, please go to Naxos website.
A new CD release of Thomas Simaku

Monument to the Victims of Communism in Ottawa - Canada
Communist Sign the petition to support the building of a Monument to the Victims of Communism, in Ottawa, Canada

To: Parliament of Canada
While the horrors of Nazism are well known, who knows that the Soviet Union murdered 20 million people? Who knows that China's dictators have slaughtered an estimated 60 million? Who knows that the Communist holocaust has exacted a death toll surpassing that of all of the wars of the 20th century combined ? Just as we must grasp Communism's brutality, we must understand the true cause of this era's most significant event: the fall of the Soviet Union. While we believe that Vaclav Havel was right when he saw the fall of the Communist empire as an event on the same scale as the fall of the Roman Empire, it was not the end of Communism. Sign and Join this petition

Who recognised KOSOVA as an Independent State?
Countries that have recognized or Announced the recognition of Republic of Kosova
We are honored and humbled that it is our generation that lives to see that day and we are aware and ready to take up the path that begins from here. Our future is with Europe.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for standing by us in the worst times. In memory of those who gave and lost their lives, and loved ones. May peace and light prevail. Countries who recognized Kosova

Boycott of Greek products in Albania
Boycott of Greek products in Albania!

Albanian nationalists, who accuse Greece of turning the country into a non-conventional colony of Greece, are using the protest to halt the rising power of Greece in the country. In 2006 Greek Imports reached EUR 406mn, while Greek investments are estimated at over EUR 400mn. Greek companies and businesses own substantial shares in the telecommunication, petroleum and financial markets in the country. Strong protests were organized by the "Cham" population, ethnic Albanians that used to live in the territory of current Greece till the end of World War II. Afterwards, they forcedly expelled from their properties. Therefore we call on you to Boycott greek products in Albania

Donation for an Albanian Bridge in Shkoder City.
Has started a project to raise funds to build a bridge in the village of "Ure e Shtrenjte", near Shkoder. In need for donation to complete this project. More ..

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ACLIS - Albanian Canadian League Information Service - A logistic office of Albanian Canadian League: Albanian Politics

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Albanian Politics:

Albania’s election heads for deadlock

Albanian Politics Financial Times

    By Kerin Hope in Tirana

    Albania’s general election appeared headed for deadlock on Wednesday, with both the governing right-of-centre Democratic party and the opposition Socialists unable to win an outright majority in the 140-seat parliament.

    Albanian Election 2009
    A long drawn-out counting process after Sunday’s vote went into its fourth day on Wednesday amid mounting tension over possible last-minute attempts at fraud.

    With more than 98 per cent of the vote counted, the Democrats had secured 68 seats to 65 for the Socialists under a regional proportional electoral system being used for the first time.

    Three seats could still change hands after the last 100 ballot boxes were counted, analysts said.

    “Otherwise, we’re looking at a 70-70 split in parliament taking into consideration the likely alliances,” said Bledar Meniku of ECA, an independent US-backed election monitoring system.

    A tied outcome could result in another general election being held later this year and the postponement of key policy decisions.

    Albania had been expected to follow the example of Serbia and Romania after the election and seek a stand-by loan from the International Monetary Fund.
Posted by acl on Wednesday, July 01 @ 15:55:44 PDT (1586 reads)
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Albanian Politics:

Albania Opens Communist Files To Screen Officials

Albanian Politics
    Read inside:
    Europe, US Say Albania Communist File Law `Hasty`

    Under late Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha`s 40-year rule, 5,037 men and 450 women were executed and up to 34,135 people were jailed.

    Albania's parliament voted on Dec.23 to open secret communist-era files to screen candidates for office, but the opposition and judges saw it as a manoeuvre
    Civil Society Abused
    to sideline rivals rather than cleanse society of guilt.

    The law was approved only with votes of the Democratic Party of Prime Minister Sali Berisha and its allies after they ignored appeals from the United States, among others, to postpone the vote to allow time for broad consultation.

    "We consider this law a measure of respect for all those who went through the most savage calvary of class struggle, those that had their bones broken, were executed without trial and had their properties taken," Berisha said.

    Under late Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha's 40-year rule, 5,037 men and 450 women were executed and up to 34,135 people were jailed, including 1,000 who died and 308 who went mad.

    The law denies access to public office to ex-members of the bodies that ordered and used violence under the Stalinist regime and informed for the notorious Sigurimi secret service.

    A five-member commission will work until 2014 to screen candidates, confirming suitability after it checks documents.

    The main opposition Socialist Party saw the second such law since Albania toppled communism 18 years ago as an attempt by Berisha to sack prosecutors investigating corruption.

    Two dozen prosecutors and judges, including those investigating a blast at an army base that killed 26 people and possible government corruption in the building of a key road, would have to quit their jobs once the law takes effect.

    Opposition Socialist Party leader Edi Rama regretted that the law was not up to European standards.

Posted by classiclady on Saturday, January 03 @ 09:51:35 PST (883 reads)
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Albanian Politics:

Bamir Topi: Officials Hide Their Wealth

Albanian Politics
    Tirana _ Albania’s President Bamir Topi has accused unspecified public officials of criminal
    Mr. Bamir Topi
    activity by hiding their wealth in foreign bank accounts.

    The president’s statement came during a ceremony marking the fifth year of the creation of the High Inspectorate for the Inspection and Declaration of Assets.

    “We are concerned because we are learning the wealth of public officials in coffee discussions and scandals,” said Topi, adding that international organisations monitoring Albania’s democratic progress were concerned about such practices.

    “We have information that a part of the wealth is hidden outside the country,” Topi added.

    Last week Albanian prosecutors launched a fresh probe into the declared wealth of former Defence Minister Fatmir Mediu, following a Balkan Insight investigation.

Posted by classiclady on Tuesday, August 05 @ 08:34:30 PDT (1622 reads)
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Albanian Politics:

US Voices Misgivings About Albanian Government's Activity

Albanian Politics
    Text of report by Albanian privately-owned right-wing pro-PD party newspaper Tema, on 31 July

    Albania risks not becoming a full-fledged NATO member this year due to the growing hesitation of certain Western chancelleries, and in particular the Albania in the region US Administration, over the distortions that are taking place in the life of Albania's democratic institutions.

    By Mero Baze - editorial to pro-PD party newspaper Tema

    A US diplomatic source told a Tema correspondent and those of some other Albanian media that, regardless of the excellent relations between the United States and Albania and the importance the United States attaches to these relations, in Washington there is growing concern about some steps back the Albanian Government has been taking ever since the spring of this year.

    In particular, the United States is concerned about the government's attempts to put the Prosecutor General's Office under its control by curtailing its powers through a hastily prepared bill or by publicly humiliating its representatives, or about Albania's image as a result of the conflict between the president and the government, or about the government's attempts to put the State Intelligence Service under its control, or about the Assembly's attempts to identify itself with those involved in and indicted for the Gerdec affair, or about the government's attempts to get rid of the OSCE Mission to Albania, or over the degradation of the image of the prime minister as was seen in a recent Assembly session.

Posted by classiclady on Tuesday, August 05 @ 08:20:42 PDT (740 reads)
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Albania News:

The Albanian Renaissance

Albanian Politics
    Communist Albania of Hoxha was a fortress state, seeing enemies everywhere. There were regular Vlore purges, the death penalty was applied, and there were a large number of political prisoners. There were thousands of executions of political enemies and of enemies of communism. Albanians did not have the right to a passport until May 1990.

    Two decades later Albania has undergone a dramatic transformation. And yet, few countries in Europe are less understood than this Adriatic republic. Gratuitous violence, organised crime, human trafficking, blood feuds and grinding poverty are the images that first come to mind when the country is mentioned.

    This is not all due to the particular ferocity of Enver Hoxha's communism. The first post-communist decade has also produced its fair share of dark images, culminating in the anarchy of 1997. It is this dark and difficult legacy which makes the story of Albania's recent transformation all the more remarkable.

Posted by classiclady on Saturday, May 03 @ 09:54:12 PDT (653 reads)
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Albanian Politics:

Ina Rama 20 acusses to Mediu.What's next?

Albanian Politics
    Albanian Prosecutor-General accuses ex-Defense Minister in ammunition disposal case - The International Herald Tribune

    TIRANA, Albania: Albania's Prosecutor General asked parliament Saturday to lift the immunity of
    Fatmir Mediu - Ex Minister of Defence
    former defense minister Fatmir Mediu, accusing him of abuse of power related to a deadly ammunition depot explosion.

    Mediu resigned as defense minister two days after the March 15 disaster in which a series of explosions of some 700 tons of ammunition powder near the capital, Tirana, killed 26 people and injured 302.

    The explosion also destroyed or damaged some 5,500 houses at a total cost of about 2 billion leks (US$26 million; €16.6 million), according to the request prosecutor Ina Rama sent to lawmakers.

    Violation of the laws and procedures of security and ammunition storage and the mismanagement of the disposal process had "caused the spark of the fire followed by the massive explosions" that had threatened the life and security of the people employed at the dismantling factory and residents in surrounding areas, Rama said in her request.

Posted by classiclady on Saturday, April 26 @ 08:57:39 PDT (1158 reads)
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Albanian Politics:

Albania Approves Constitutional Reforms

Albanian Politics
    Ex-communist Albania changes voting system in constitutional shake up - International Herald Tribune

    TIRANA, Albania: Albania, once Europe's most isolated communist country, has passed constitutional amendments to give its voting
    Albanian Parliament
    system greater proportional representation.

    The changes were approved by parliament late Monday and take immediate effect, but were fiercely opposed by small opposition parties, which argued the new system would make it harder for them to win national representation.

    Lawmakers voted 115-13 to approve the reforms, which also change parliamentary procedures for confidence votes and electing the country's president, as well as the status of the country's powerful prosecutor general.

    The new voting rules scrap a partial majority system in favor of proportional representation within each of Albania's 12 administrative regions.

    Albania's governing Democrats and main opposition Socialists reached rare agreement on the reforms. Ruthless political rivalry is commonplace despite a general desire to strengthen democratic institutions and overcome the country's legacy of Communist isolation.

Posted by classiclady on Wednesday, April 23 @ 05:54:05 PDT (821 reads)
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Albanian Diplomacy:

Kosovo top US-Albanian talks

Albanian Politics
    WASHINGTON (AFP) — US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met her visiting Albanian
    Condoleeza Rice meets with Lulzim Basha
    counterpart Lulzim Basha here Tuesday to discuss the future of Kosovo and Tirana's bid to join NATO, a Rice spokesman said.

    "The secretary certainly encouraged Albania to continue the progress that it's made along the specific criteria that NATO has outlined as part of the membership action plan," deputy State Department spokesman Tom Casey said.

    "And I believe the secretary also did have an opportunity to thank the Albanian foreign minister for Albania's continuing contributions in the war on terror, including in Iraq and Afghanistan," he told reporters.

    The two also discussed the situation in Kosovo, Casey said without elaborating.

Posted by classiclady on Wednesday, January 30 @ 14:52:23 PST (821 reads)
(Read More... | 3285 bytes more | Albanian Diplomacy | Score: 5)

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2011 is bringing....

NO hopes for a albanian democratic society
big changes in politics, ousting of Sali Berisha
an albanian economic crisis
big investments
prosperity and new government
new laws for ex - landlords
punishment of communist elite
strong and powerful Albania
war against corruption
war against neo-communists
no hopes at all
I don't know


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