ACL Structures

1. Presidency of The League,

Presidency of League is the Highest Executive Administration.
By law it is formated by The President of League and his/her Secretary.
The Presidency Elect, Command, Survey, Establish the Strategies, Platforms and ALL the Functionality of ACL, as a whole organization.

2. The League Council,

It's formated by General Executive Director of the Council and 6 Executive Directors,that with a administrative rotation of 6 months, select the rotated Chairman of Council.

3. The Departments of The League,

a) Political Issues and Information Office
b) Cultural Activities and Education
c) Juridical Issues 
d) Social Public Counseling Issues
c) Media & Communications
e) Youth and Sports

4. The League Branches,

The Branches are appointed by The Presindecy & The League Council and these branches are located all over Major Cities of Canada.

5. The League Representatives,

The Representatives are appointed from The Presidency &  The League Council, which detemine the locations of ACL overseas.

6. Types of  Membership in The League,

They are classified  in 2 categories :

a) Gold Members,
is the Special Member,who benefits from the influence of the League and more.

b) Regular Members,
is the Member stimulated by The League for certain categories of people,such as aged people, students and people in need.
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