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 Notice: This Assistance Form is available ONLY for Albanian - Canadian RESIDENT & CITIZEN. All the Others NOT mentioned - SHOULD CONTACT FIRST - The Albanian Canadian League for the ACL Permission and Guidelines.
ACL is Proud to be at Your Service !

Albanian Canadian League - ACL

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Assistance Contact Form

Some guidelines and advises before you submit this assistance form:
  • Write Clear and Completely All the Information in the Form
  • Sent This Assistance Form - Only if You are Really in Need OF IT
  • After you submit This Form - One of person of ACL,will call or e-mail YOU
  • Allow up to (7-14 days) to Reply to this Assistance Form
  • ACL has issued on the form a REFERENCE BOX which is to Write Your Birthdate. Your Reference will be mentioned and asked by ACL Person, who will assist YOU
  • If it's SOMETHING Urgent - Please Write to the REFERENCE BOX the word URGENT and then Your Birthdate and ACL will consider Your Request in Priority Secuence.
  • Note: We do very much Consider contacting with You by e-mail,telephone or fax.

    If you would like to send This Form, please Select "Which Departments are you Looking to be Assisted and then fill out the form below COMPLETELY.
    Do NOT Miss any of the below Information. This will have an impact on Your Case and IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE THE FORM COMPLETELY FILLED OUT !

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