Welcome to Albanian Canadian League  !

We are a licensed organization in Ontario - Canada.

The Albanian Canadian League (A.C.L) is a non-governmental, non-party sided and non-profit organization with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

It has as objective the coordination, protection and development of the Albanian community in Canada. The League is an organization which includes and welcomes all the Albanian co-nationals without regard of religion, province and political affiliation.

This League has its own branches in Canada and its own representations in Albania, Kosova and F.Y.R.O.M.

The League aims, that with her voice, to influence the forums where the political decisions are taken in Canada for the good of the Albanian nation. The League will be a voice which will seek to be heard in the Albanian lands too, with the goal of giving its own contribution and the Canadian experience regarding the respect and defense of the Liberty, Property and the State based on law.

The League will serve as a bridge that will strengthen the relationship between Albania and Canada.

The League is open for all those Canadian citizens and residents whose with their contribute will help in the reach of this goal .One of the goals of the League is, that through its organization, the role of the Albanian community in Canada be bigger and its contribution wider concerning the reach of the new successes of the Canadian society.

God may help us in achieving our goals !
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